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Carpet cleaning equipment
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Carpet cleaning equipment
Our carpet cleaners remove dirt, stains and allergens from your carpet with a safe choice of non-residue EPA cleaning solution.

Carpet drying time
Powerful carpet cleaners use almost all the water in the cleaning process. This leaves your carpet fibers with minimal moisture, giving you a clean, new rug that dries quickly in a matter of hours.
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We add perfume and sanitizer
After we complete the entire carpet cleaning, we first clean the Covid-19 disinfectant and complete the filling process with adding fragrance and delivery.
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Frequently Asked Questions Opportunity:
What are the prices for carpet cleaning?
Carpet cleaning prices for different types of carpets vary substantially.
Turkish carpets 800 fils per square meter.
Iranian carpet 3 dinars per square meter
Soft carpet 1 dinars per square meter.
Carpet 750 fils per square meter. Dry Cleaning
Free delivery of carpets from home

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Is carpet cleaning done at home?
Only dry cleaning is done at home. We also have modern machines for cleaning all types of carpets. Please contact our cleaning company for a


How to wash new hair carpets in the easiest way possible: Contents: A mixture of cleaning solution. amount of regular white vinegar. Also an equal amount of lukewarm water with the same amount of vinegar.
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 Although white vinegar has many cleaning properties. However, when preparing the cleaning mixture, it must be diluted slightly with water in order to be used more safely and effectively. Also read: Signs of clogging of the shank and how to clean it Method of cleaning: Step One: When cleaning small stains, you can start with ⁄, c (120 ml) of white vinegar and ⁄, c (120 ml of water, but for carpet washing) Completely increase the quantity.
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Step 2: Use a fiber cloth to clean, dip the cloth in a vinegar cleaning solution and start cleaning.If you notice a stain, scrub the stain vigorously, until you are sure it is completely gone.
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Step Three: After you have cleaned the entire carpet with this Method: Leave the carpet to dry for a maximum of 48 hours In order to be able to dry it completely, direct a fan on it to dry quickly Another way to wash new hair carpets in the easiest way possible: Contents: 1- Dry carpet washing powder 2- Brush Cleaning 3- Vacuum Clean Method Step 1: Start by sprinkling dry carpet powder all over the carpet Be careful not to over-spray the powder and spray in appropriate amounts Make sure to choose a carpet powder that is designed for use on new hair carpets You may be interested in:
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 How to get rid of geckos from home permanently etc The second step: Use the brush with granules of dry powder while continuing to spray water on the carpet. Be careful not to brush too hard, as this will spoil the overall look of the rug. Step Three: After brushing, leave the powder on the carpet for some time until it cleans well. But the maximum leave time is 60 minutes, and be sure to follow the directions on the package of dry carpet powder carefully.
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Step Four: Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the dry carpet cleaning residue after 60 minutes. You may need to repeat this process if there are tough spots that don't go away the first time.


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